Frank Ocean (deserted island mix)

by The P∞rtals

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Some time ago, I happened upon this song in a bottle washed up ashore on a beach near the equator. I have no idea where it comes from, who recorded it, or when it was recorded... the strongest clue is a lyrical reference to musician Sufjan Stevens, which could then place the song's birth sometime in the last fifteen years.

"Frank Ocean," which sounds as though it were recorded outdoors in a rainshower (and hence the song's "deserted island mix" qualifier,) shares a shipwrecked traveler's dreamlike recollections of life, existence, and a mysterious body of water referred to as the "Frank Ocean," which may conceivably designate the narrator's idiomatic name for the World Ocean- the Earth's whole body of water.

The song was masterfully restored by Jeff Smothers. I have Faith that the narrator's intention in putting "Frank Ocean" out to sea was to share it with the world. So enjoy, thank you for listening, and let the "Waters' beauty wash you away... ."


[v1] Lo, Frank Ocean! / Let yr water sail forth / round n round our Home
All the Life inside you / she's Total Faith in you / Watered, nurtured her /
painted her a beautiful sky Blue
The punch of pine / wisdom of rock / And I'm surrounded by you, throw myself into the Blue / were I not afflicted with the soaked Mermaid Blues

[v2] Cheating don't exist / here b'twixt us / but the Horizon's heavier, my sailboat's taking water / Life's every ice cream flavour…
Yr sweat returns / Skyward / Only to fall as tears, take a generous fill /
Cool Lands / So may the Ultraverse / bless you on yr Trip / But please don't frown, cause then storms abound / towering Wavvves... I'm about to get Swept!

[storm] "she's here... / fck, I'm taking a lot of water / the waters!... Keep bailing!, bail it faster... keep bailing / don't fight it, flow with it / I am what overcomes me / Let the waters' Beauty wash me away..."

[enlightenment] (you at 3:24pm in a mysterious place) without knowing you, i imagine a slight slender apartment in middle of some downtown monopoly. third floor, the kitchen barely lit, surviving from the sun's generous rays. you're drinking freshly blended juice, maybe getting high like me, putting away dirty dishes and tidying up, cause you have plans, and are going on a terrific adventure tonight.
so you may be a bit shorter, but I don't care- a smooth green shirt hugs yr body, yr hair flows like running rogue waves- the radiant streak for good measure. you're listening to Sufjan to get you out of that morning drone, can't wait to hit that sidewalk, look up into the sky, and smile! and all the while it's funny cause I already know you exist.

[v3] The head's clearest / sailing the Frank Ocean / And far off Reepicheep guides the Dawn Treader / so may the Ultraverse / Bless You on yr Trip / to paint, envelop her, soothe her, and guide her Home / What goes Up / Must come Down / 'Til we bust beyond Earth's gravity!

[coda] ...'Til we bust beyond Earth's gravitational pull.


released January 21, 2014
Written/Recording = unknown.
Mix = The P∞rtals.
Mastering Restoration = Jeff Smothers.
Art = I, Lion



all rights reserved


The P∞rtals

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